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Were you hurt due to the negligence of another individual? If so, you and your family deserve a fair compensation for your injuries. Our firm has a track record of excellence in many areas of the law, including negligence actions. Our attorneys pair zealous advocacy with judgment to guide you to a successful result. There are many expenses that build up when injured and it’s very easy to get behind on payments and bills. At The Tierney Law Group, LLC, we’re determined in our pursuit of just financial compensation for our personal injury clients.

Our experienced Fairfield personal injury lawyers know what it takes to recover the money you deserve for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, future injury-related lost earnings and expenses. We will fight for you to get the compensation you deserve.

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Get a Free Initial Consultation – No Fee Unless You Get Compensated

We offer free, initial consultations to answer your questions and an experienced injury attorney will help determine if you have a strong case. Personal injury representation is on a contingency fee basis. This means that our firm charges no attorney’s fee unless we recover compensation on your behalf. Callย 973-588-3050.

“Mr. Tierney was professional and knowledgeable from our very first meeting. I liked his aggressive style and he inspired confidence in his abilities immediately. It is a pleasure to work with someone that is able to take a very nerve wracking situation and calm me down and get rid of the butterflies in my stomach. I also appreciated that he took my desires and concerns into account when handling the case and I know that I ended up with the best possible outcome I could have hoped for.” – Ian K.