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Residents of senior citizens building charged with a crime

Older readers will feel really old in reading this article. Several residents of a New Jersey senior citizen residence have been charged with a crime and scheduled to appear for preliminary hearings. The charges have to do with drugs and prostitution.

Police charged one man with allowing people to enter his apartment to use drugs and engage in acts of prostitution. He also got a criminal charge of possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a nuisance. In the same man's apartment, a woman was found with a drug pipe and arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.

8 arrested and charged with a crime after wild Rutgers melee

In the mind of many students, it must seem that student life is filled with hard work, frustrations and pent-up youthful energy demanding an outlet. In New Jersey, numerous Rutgers students were arrested recently and charged with a crime due to a raucous celebration on Delafield Street that connotes the end of the school year. New Brunswick police arrested eight students and issued citations to another 16 for violations of city ordinances.

The bash is apparently intended as a response to the decision of the University to cancel an end-of-year concert called 'Rutgersfest.' In 2011, Rutgersfest was reportedly tainted with violent disturbances that resulted in the University canceling it for the future. More than 500 were at this event, which students have dubbed Delafest. They're accused of setting mattresses and couches on fire in the street.

Drug charge based on 333 packets of heroin in woman's bra

People who drive around with illegal drugs seem to eagerly invite the police to stop them for traffic violations of one kind or another. The incidence of drug busts coming on the heels of a traffic stop must be inordinately high. In the reported case, a New Jersey traffic stop resulted in a drug charge that netted 333 packets of heroin found inside a 54-year-old woman's bra.

After pulling the woman over for erratic driving in Rockaway Township, police say that two passengers got out of the car and apparently revealed a wax fold that is used to hold heroin. While questioning the driver, she admitted to storing drugs on her person. Police searched her and found the 333 packets. She had no driver's license, and the car was impounded.

Couple charged with a crime regarding vacation-club packages

Purchasing a travel package is a risky thing due to the fraudulent tactics of some travel agencies and agents over recent years. A New Jersey couple has been charged with a crime for supposedly operating a number of scam travel agencies that offered people free airfares or cruises that were never delivered. They're charged with running the phony offerings from Jan. 2007 to July 2011.

The 41-year-old man and the 43-year-old woman are from Marlton. The New Jersey Attorney General called them a couple of old school 'con artists.' He charges them with operating several different travel club agencies. They would close one down when they felt the heat, and then open a new one elsewhere in the state, he charged.

Feds make criminal charge of kickbacks by lab and doctors

The next time your doctor sends you for a blood test perhaps you'll want to make sure that the test is necessary and that there are no hidden deals between the doctor and the laboratory. That improper activity is behind the criminal charge by a federal prosecutor in New Jersey against a laboratory testing company, three of its executives and a referring doctor. The charges include violations of Medicare and anti-kickback statutes and other state and federal laws.

The U.S. Attorney stated that from 2006 through 2013, the laboratory diagnostics company made more than $200 million and its president took $33 million in cash distributions out of the company during that time. Charges were filed against the company and three of its officials. A fourth arrest was of a 43-year-old male medical doctor of Boonton, New Jersey.

Drug charge arrests intended to bust Camden drug organization

Authorities continue to make inter-agency cooperative arrests of members of drug organizations throughout New Jersey. On this occasion, seven people were arrested on drug charge offenses in the City of Camden. The FBI, New Jersey State Police and the Camden Police Department collaborated to deliver what they called a 'significant blow' to a drug trafficking organization that is well-known for having control of the drug market in a distinct geographical section of Camden.

As is always the case in a multi-party drug charge arrest, the investigation and arrests were announced at a press conference controlled by the federal prosecutor, in which all of the agencies contributed to tout their efforts. This project focused on a specific gang that ran an open-air outdoor drug outlet where people could call ahead and then stop by on foot or car to pick up their order, according to police. Those arrested ranged in ages from 19 to 30.

Police arrest 2 on a drug charge of operating a meth lab

When people are supposedly running a methamphetamine lab out of a two-bedroom apartment in a housing authority residence, it seems logical that they wouldn't make loud disturbances or call the police to come and quell a family dispute. However, just recently in New Jersey, police were called at 6:34 a.m. to an address in Hoboken on a report of a family dispute. They ultimately arrested two people found there on the drug charge of manufacture of controlled substances, along with other multiple drug charges.

Police found a 29-year-old woman and a 31-year-old man at the address, which was described as quiet when they arrived. The two said that they subleased apartment from another woman, who was later also apprehended and arrested on a drug charge and other charges. Police found cash in a metal garbage can, and in one of the bedrooms they found crack pipes with residue and a bong with a hose.

Drug charge sweep nets 25 arrests for heroin conspiracy

Drug sweeps are usually coordinated efforts between state, federal and local officials to arrest a collection of people who may be operating under an organizational network or a loosely concentric ring of related activities. In New Jersey and the rest of the country, when authorities conduct a drug charge sweep against many individuals, they usually contact the press at the time of the sweep and inform them of their collective dragnet. This gives authorities an ideal platform for showcasing their achievement.

However, it remains to be seen whether a recent raid in Atlantic City that netted 25 arrests will stem the tide of serious drug and related crimes there. It took about 300 law enforcement officers from federal, state and local agencies to arrest the accused members of a violent Atlantic City street gang called the Dirty Block Crime Fam. Each defendant, including several arrested prior to the sweep, was charged with one count of the drug charge of conspiracy to distribute more than one kilo of heroin.

Program reintegrates juvenile crime offenders back to education

The juvenile system of justice is criticized for generally neglecting to provide sufficient programs for rehabilitation of wayward youth. In some well-known cases, judicial officers abused the system for monetary gain by wrongly jailing many juveniles. In New Jersey, however, there is one new pilot program that intends to assist court-involved youth to return to school upon reentry, and in the process, to help alleviate the incidence of juvenile crime and rates of recidivism.

The program, now limited to Camden and Atlantic counties, offers free counsel after adjudication of the case and other educational reentry services to allow juveniles to get back into school. The program also helps the minor by attempting to combat the obstacles that are put in the way of juveniles trying to return to school after coming out of the prison system. They often face exclusions, improper suspensions and difficulties acquiring the necessary paperwork to re-enroll.

Criminal charge leveled at woman who speaks out at tax meeting

Public meetings these days, especially those dealing with taxes, can sometimes unleash the emotions of both citizens and officials. In this case, a female New Jersey resident was hit with a criminal charge after she attended a tax protest forum with tax officials at a Gloucester County public building. She is charged with making terroristic threats for allegedly saying that, if the door was unlocked, she would return with a gun. She denies making the statement.

The woman went to the meeting with her husband and 7-year-old daughter to dispute the doubling of her house value under a new appraisal. She said that the real estate market didn't justify the increase, and she started reading from the Constitution. According to the woman, when she started with the Constitution, a male appraiser from the county's private appraisal company got extremely upset and called on the Gloucester County tax assessor for assistance. The assessor told the woman to sit down and shut up.

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