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Heroin drug possession charge for 3 after Butler traffic stop

A recent New Jersey traffic stop on Route 23 North occurred in Butler on Saturday afternoon, April 14. It resulted in two men and a woman being jailed after law enforcement reportedly found more than expected. The patrol officer arrested the three and allegedly seized about 90 packets of heroin, among other items. This resulted in drug possession charges for the driver and passengers of the vehicle.

Around 2:30 p.m. a black Dodge Durango was driving on Route 23 North when a patrol officer apparently noticed allegedly illegal tinted windows and a defective brake light. The policeman says he attempted to stop the SUV, but he claims he thought it seemed as though its occupants were trying to hide items and, as a result, was slow to pull over to a stop on the side of the road. The SUV stopped near Kiel Avenue, and cop says he observed injuries on the occupants that he believed was indicative of recent drug use.

As the patrol officer investigated, the SUV occupants purportedly made contradictory statements concerning their recent whereabouts. In addition, heroin packets were supposedly protruding from the pockets of the driver. After a search of the driver, there were allegedly a total of 90 heroin packets found to be in his possession. Police say a small amount of heroin was also found to be in the possession of one of the passengers. During the investigation, police also say the third occupant was discovered to have secreted a hypodermic syringe.

All three were placed under arrest, taken back to the jail. Two were charged with drug possession charges, and the third with possession of a hypodermic needle. All were released on their own recognizance, requiring their appearance in their upcoming court proceedings.

While all three were arrested and two face drug possession charges, a charge is simply an allegation and does not amount to a conviction. These individuals, as well as anyone facing drug possession charges in New Jersey, would benefit from understanding their rights, including the right to a fair trial and the presumption of their innocence. Nevertheless, the nature of the allegations mandates that each focus on preparing a meaningful defense that seeks an outright acquittal or other favorable conclusion to all criminal proceedings.

Source: Daily Record, "Butler police arrest 3, seize 90 packets of heroin after traffic stop," April 16, 2012

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