Roxbury Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a criminal offense or municipal crime in Roxbury, NJ, it is critical to have an attorney who will zealously fight for a successful result to your case. At The Tierney Law Group, LLC, we protect the rights of our clients.

As a former New York Prosecutor, John Tierney has the unique experience required to predict the arguments that the other side will bring against you. His skill as a criminal defense lawyer and his commitment to excellence will gain your trust as he fiercely protects you against the power of the police and government.

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Passionate Criminal Defense in Roxbury, NJ

Our criminal defense lawyers understand the confusion surrounding criminal charges. We will zealously defend you and explain the process for any criminal charge, including:

  • Drug crimes: We represent those charged with possession of many types of drugs. Our drug law attorneys will assist with charges for marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, ecstasy, unlawful use of prescription medication, and many more drugs.
  • DUI/DWI charges: If you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated, our DUI lawyers will fight to help you keep your driver’s license and keep you out of jail.
  • Shoplifting: Our Parsippany attorneys defend clients charged with petty theft and retail theft.
  • Domestic violence: Often, Domestic Violence charges are issued without sufficient cause and without an opportunity for you to be heard before the Court prior to their issuance. There needs to be a correct basis for domestic violence charges. We will investigate the matter to ensure your rights are not violated and fight to lift restraining orders erroneously issued against you.
  • Assault Charges and Fights: These charges stem from human interaction. And human weakness. A charge of this sort rarely occurs without a back-story – a reason why these unfortunate circumstances presented themselves.
  • Vehicular Crimes

Whether you need help in municipal court or representation as a juvenile, we will provide the necessary guidance.

Free Initial Consultations for Criminal Charges

We offer free initial consultations for your criminal charges so you can get your questions answered by an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Criminal defense and juvenile crimes require zealous advocacy to ensure successful results. Call 973-379-4200 or e-mail our firm.

“I wish to express my sincere appreciation for Mr. Tierney and his associates. Mr. Tierney was not only professional, diligent, and extremely helpful, but also unbelievably caring and thoughtful. Mr. Tierney dedicated a great deal of time and effort in to my case and I will not forget it.” – Adam