Commercial Litigation in Morris County

The Tierney Law Group engages in commercial litigation from both the defense and plaintiff perspectives. First, it is important to know that Business to Business disputes come in a variety of forms. These disputes also require experience and judgement in advocacy. From brand impact, to ongoing business relationships during the dispute, to the effective strategies needed to effectively prosecute the action, or defense, and whether the matter should be tried, or negotiated, the John Tierney will guide you to a successful outcome.

Our team at has always had one mission: a deeply held conviction to– Endeavor in Excellence. The essence of this firm has always been the ongoing pursuit and expectation of excellence. Day by day, and case by case, this conviction sets the standard for firm conduct and the upbeat tempo of the firm ethic. We act upon the bedrock tenets of relentless advocacy and client service at reasonable and fully disclosed rates.

We intend to earn your trust. Give us the opportunity to serve you.

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