Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Morristown NJ DWI Attorneys

If you were arrested for driving while intoxicated, underage drinking or any other criminal charge, it is important to know your rights and seek the guidance of a defense lawyer who knows how to fight to protect your rights at all costs.

Former Prosecutor Defending Your Rights

At the Tierney Law Group, LLC, our DWI defense attorneys have specialized in DWI and municipal Criminal Law for many years. Founding attorney John Tierney is a former Bronx prosecutor and defense lawyer with substantial experience defending against DWI/DUI charges throughout New Jersey, including in Morris County, Essex County, Bergen County and Passaic County. We know how to help you navigate through the local criminal justice system with a strong defense focused on protecting your rights at all costs.

Since the Tierney Law Group was established in 2002, we have focused on treating our clients as individuals with a strong defense tailored to the facts of their cases. Let us apply our client-driven approach to protect your rights. Contact our Morristown lawyers today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Aggressively Defending Against DUI Charges

DWI is a specific area of criminal defense. It requires an attorney who understands the unique nuances of New Jersey criminal law and the equipment involved, such as Breathalyzers used to measure blood alcohol content.

There are special considerations that lawyers need to be aware of for juveniles facing drunk driving charges. If your lawyer does not have experience in DWI and underage drinking DWI, then they will not know how to spot the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

We know how to identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence and apply them to your advantage. Are you aware that the Alcotest breathalyzer is under attack, right now, as not being scientifically reliable? Are you aware that most police departments have mounted video systems in their patrol cars, and often body cameras and audio recording systems attached to their uniforms? These represent pivotal evidence to attack the basis for the stop, seizure, field test, and breathalyzer. 

Also, our DUI/DWI lawyers aggressively review the evidence obtained against our clients to uncover any errors with how the Breathalyzer was calibrating or other pieces of questionable evidence. We do not hesitate to question the scientific reliability of the Breathalyzer under the “Chun” decision or validity of DUI checkpoints and field sobriety test results that focus on individuals’ motor skills and mental capabilities, instead of measuring their blood alcohol content. Whether you are facing out-of-state charges or are a New Jersey resident, we will apply our years of experience and legal skills to position you for a favorable resolution.

Diligent Defense If You Are Accused of Driving While Intoxicated

Your goals and expectations will become our focus, as we seek to get to know you and the circumstances surrounding your DUI/DWI arrest. At the same time, we will be realistic with you and will help you understand what to expect at each stage of the legal process as we seek a dismissal or to minimize the consequences of a conviction. We will also try to preserve your driver’s license and limit collateral consequences from your alleged DUI offense.

Contact Our Morris County Drunk Driving Lawyers

For an experienced New Jersey DUI defense, contact our criminal law attorneys online, or call John (“Jay”) Tierney at 973-379-4200 for a free consultation. We will take every measure possible to defend your rights, if you have been accused of driving while intoxicated.

“I can’t speak to courtroom abilities as I was out of state for all of the proceedings thanks to Jay’s advocacy. I can say that the case played out almost to a “T” as Jay described and that speaks volumes to his skill in providing legal counsel. Jay was very clear on the strategy and the possibilities of the various situations that could occur. He made sure I fully understood what was happening at every turn and that gave me much more piece of mind. From the beginning, Jay was a great listener and was able to translate my concerns and needs into effective action.   Jay’s aggressiveness and style played perfectly into the aim and strategy of my case which ultimately resulted in a dismissal of the most serious charges. My DUI was dropped due to his aggressive stance with the court. It seemed that there were some procedural issues that surrounded the incident that Jay just wouldn’t let go and that made all the difference.

The staff at the Tierney Law Group were extremely professional, furthering my trust and confidence in the handling of my case. Sarah Robles was always prompt, patient, courteous, and very helpful. I’d also like to add that I  would recommend Jay to anyone with legal problems. He not only helped put my mind at ease but his expertise led to a much better outcome than I had expected. I’m so glad that I chose Jay to walk me this rough patch of life. Thank you Jay and staff!”