Juvenile Theft and Drug Crimes

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Juvenile court is different from adult court in procedures as well as philosophy: punishment is secondary to rehabilitation. If you are a parent of a child charged with criminal offense, you need a lawyer who knows the procedures in juvenile court.

Firsthand Knowledge of How Prosecutors Work

At Javerbaum Wurgaft Hicks Kahn Wikstrom & Sinins, P.C., formerly the Tierney Law Group, LLC, our Morristown juvenile theft defense lawyers have a firsthand understanding on how the prosecution works. Our founding attorney John Tierney was the designated felony liaison for juvenile offenders in the Bronx, New York. He prosecuted minors facing first-degree charges for attempted murder, armed robbery, sexual offenses, armed burglary and assault. He knows how prosecutors think, the steps they take and how to help you navigate the juvenile system.

Your child is suddenly facing criminal allegations, and you may not know where to turn. The best investment you can make is to select an experienced juvenile defense lawyer. We will treat your student like an individual instead of a number.

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Offering a Strong Defense and Seeking to Mitigate Potential Ramifications

Attorney John Tierney understands both sides of the courtroom as a former prosecutor. He knows what your child is up against and is ready to protect and defend his or her rights when accused of juvenile offenses, involving theft and drug charges such as:

Depending on the strength of the state’s case, a plea bargain may be advisable. Are you aware that the New Jersey legislature is debating a new law whereby all children found to be a juvenile delinquent will have to surrender their DNA to a state and federal database? Defense against this procedure, in and of itself, warrants an experienced and zealous defense.

Attorney John Tierney has extensive knowledge of the family, educational and neurological factors affecting youth behavior. These can be mitigating factors, or can even weaken the state’s case against your child. He will do everything possible to protect your child’s rights, while seeking the most favorable resolution possible.

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Certain juvenile crimes carry the real possibility of the child being transferred to adult court, where sanctions such as a prison sentence are possible. Whether your child is facing charges in juvenile court or adult court, your lawyer must be skilled at negotiating and litigating with prosecutors. This has been our defense attorneys’ focus for years.

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