Firm Overview

Seeking Justice for Our Clients

In Civil Litigation, personal injury cases, commercial litigation, contract negotiations, and in criminal defense matters, a company or person may have no idea where to begin or how to protect their rights and interests. Not knowing how to proceed can have serious, and significant, negative implications on a person’s life.

We provide clients with the experienced and vigilant representation that they need from a law firm that they can trust. We are The Tierney Law Group, LLC. Founded in 2002, the firm is based upon a deeply held conviction:

Endeavor in Excellence

Mission Statement: The essence of this firm is and will be the ongoing pursuit and expectation of excellence. Day by day and case by case, this conviction sets the standard for firm conduct, the upbeat tempo of the firm ethic and the bedrock tenet of client service at reasonable and fully disclosed rates.

Ongoing Discussion of Client’s Aims and Expectations

Our lawyers promise to engage the client in an ongoing discussion of his or her aims and expectations as well as to promptly communicate any significant developments in the case.

Guidance to an efficient and successful result requires a consistent dialogue between us. Trust in the firm depends on it. The client’s goals and expectations will be our focus.

Excellent results are achieved through diligence, judgment, passion and accountability. This firm promises diligence. Our ethic demands hard work to discover and apply the facts to the relevant law in every case.

This firm promises passion, judgment, and accountability through Trial and Appeal. With the right attorney, zealous Trial advocacy is partnered with judgment. Our attorneys seek to advance your interests zealously and to guide you to a successful result.

Personal Injury

We handle a plethora of premises liability matters, products liability cases, Truck accidents, slip, trip and fall accidents, defective conditions mattersinjuries to children, negligent supervision, negligent maintenance, negligent security, commercial truck and automobile accidents, and accidents that have caused catastrophic injuries.

Criminal Defense

We handle criminal defense matters that include municipal court defense, drug defense, assault charges, DWI and defense against juvenile criminal charges.

Doing It Right, One Client at a Time | Free Initial Consultation

Criminal defense, and Civil litigator, and personal injury lawyer John Tierney can address your concerns and answer questions in a free initial consultation. Call our law firm at 973-588-3050 or e-mail.