Defective Conditions and Inadequate Security

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The Tierney Law Group, LLC offers comprehensive, experienced representation for clients injured in accidents caused by a defective condition or inadequate security on someone else’s property.

Attorney John Tierney’s experience investigating and defending premises liability cases for large corporation and municipalities is now put to use as he helps clients throughout New Jersey and New York obtain compensation for injuries they have sustained because of slip, trip and fall and other personal injury accidents.

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Examples of defective conditions or inadequate security for which a property owner may be liable for include:

  • Poor lighting in a parking lot or entryway
  • Torn rugs at a restaurant or hotel public area
  • Black ice and inadequate snow removal
  • Loose railings on a stairwell or balcony
  • Lapsed security at a property, including a security guard that fails to patrol the premises
  • Improper training for security or maintenance workers so they don’t know how to look for and fix defective conditions and to prevent criminal activity and accidents
  • Inadequate supervision of teachers resulting in an assault on a child in their school or daycare center.
  • Tripping on equipment that is not properly put away or stored
  • Falling into a sinkhole on improperly maintained sidewalk or property

Proving Liability

The plaintiff’s attorney must set forth the reasons that the defendants are negligent and responsible. These cases can often be challenging, because the reasons that caused the accident can be cleared away or fixed if they are not rigorously and thoroughly investigated soon after any injury causing accident.

Our firm carefully sifts through and investigates the events leading up to the accident, such as the environment, the time of the day of the accident, the degree to which traffic and stores were opened at that time, the weather at that time, the time of year and other minute details.

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