Legal Resources


New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office: This is the New Jersey Attorney General official website. Here you can access news headlines, contact information, and other useful information on the official New Jersey Attorney General website.

New Jersey Supreme Court: The New Jersey Court system official website and contact information.

New Jersey Court of Appeals: Find out more about the New Jersey Appellate Court and get contact information.

New Jersey District Courts: Find out more about the New Jersey District Court system and get contact information.

New Jersey Medical Malpractice Insurance: Risk management resources designed to help physicians and their staff members recognize potential medical malpractice risks and take action to prevent or control them.


Morristown Municipal Court: Get information on and learn more about the Morristown Municipal Court. Also learn about the elected officials of Morristown Local Government and upcoming town meetings.

Morristown Police: Keep up to date with local events and contact the Morristown Police department with any questions you have.

Morristown Public Defender’s Office: Find out more about your Public Defender Office, including some history, current headlines, and get contact information.

New Jersey Juvenile Courts: Learn about the Juvenile Justice Commission through the Office of the Attorney General so you can try to get involved in Parsippany.


National Legal Aid and Defender Association: The NLADA provides resources to the public defense community through support, training, and professional development.

National Legal Resource Center: The National Legal Resource Center Reader is a collaborative effort developed by the United States’ Administration on Aging.

National Consumer Law Center: The nonprofit National Consumer Law Center has used its expertise in consumer law and energy policy to work for consumer justice and economic security for low-income and other disadvantaged people in the US since 1969.

American Law Sources Online (ALSO): Provides a comprehensive, uniform, and useful compilation of links to freely accessible online sources of law for the Unite States, Canada, and Mexico. Also contains sources of commentary and practice aids that are available at little or no charge.

Legal Information Services to the Public (LISP): Resource containing information on how to research a legal problem for non-lawyers.

National Wrongful Death Laws by State: Wrongful death claims are brought on behalf of the Estate of a person whose death was caused by an underlying legal event such as negligence, accident, product failure, or medical malpractice.

Occupational Assessment Services – Occupational Assessment Services, Inc. (OAS) has been one of the foremost companies providing Vocational Expert and Life Care Planning Services to law firms throughout the country

Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys -TASA delivers timesaving, targeted referrals to quality expert witnesses in all fields and all locations, for plaintiff or defense. Our experienced referral advisors work with you to pinpoint your specific expert witness criteria and connect you with expert witnesses who are available to discuss your case.

4M for Law – Implementing the correct public relations plan is the key in promoting law firms and individual lawyers. To enhance your professional image and establish your credibility as a go-to choice for litigation needs, you need to hire the right team to identify opportunities to promote your practice.

Law Firm Branding Agency – DeSantis Breindel  helps law firms develop a cohesive professional services brand that communicates a single, powerful value proposition, uniting all that a firm does and delivering a compelling rationale for working with one firm across multiple service areas.


New Jersey Crime Prevention: Find helpful links on crime statistics, and how to prevent certain types of crimes. Also, find numbers for specific crime hotlines in New Jersey.

New Jersey Court System Guidelines: Learn about a wide range of different legal issues from advice on criminal jury defense to small claims court. This is a great source to get background knowledge in some legal topics but does not replace the need of a Lawyer.

New Jersey DUI Laws: Learn all you need to know about New Jersey DUI laws including the legal limit for blood alcohol content, fines, prevention, and related links through the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission.

Should You Plead Guilty to Criminal Charges – In America you are considered innocent until the prosecutor can prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.


American Trauma Society: The American Trauma Society is committed to eliminating the occurrences of needless death and disability from traumatic injuries.

National Association of Injury Prevention: The Center for Disease Control Foundation forges effective partnerships between the CDC and other organizations to fight threats to health and safety.

Preventing Dog Attack Injuries: Millions of dog bites occur each year in the United States. In 2013 alone, 4.7 million people were injured as a result of such attacks. Learn about what you can do to protect yourself from dog attacks before they happen.

Preventing Heavy Lifting Injuries: If you’re moving, you’ve probably got a lot of big boxes and other heavy objects the lift. Learn about how to be safe while moving and how to prevent injury to yourself and to others.

Preventing Accidents when Driving for the Elderly – Driving becomes more difficult as we age, and can be especially difficult throughout the winter season. Wet, slick roads can quickly freeze when temperatures drop, causing roads to become icy and dangerous. By taking certain precautions and being mindful of the roads, the elderly can safely navigate the roads this winter.

Shoplifting Prevention Methods and Statistics – Shoplifting ls a major crime that costs companies billions of dollars each year.This expensive addiction affects nearly 1 in 11 people (both children and adults) daily all over the world. Common items stolen range from groceries to high-end electronics that can be stolen in a variety of different ways.

Preventing Injuries When Working with Electricity – Use your electronic devices safely with these tips to prevent physical damage or fires from starting in your home.

Preventing Injuries While Walking Your Dog– Walking your dog may seem like a simply task, but there are certain tips and tricks you should be following to keep your dog, yourself, and those you encounter in your neighborhood safe.

Injury Prevention from Truck Accidents – the importance of safety while traveling alongside large trucks. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there has been a 20% increase in trucking accidents over the past two decades, leading to over 500,000 accidents annually. There are 5,000 fatalities a year linked to tractor trailer accidents with many more thousands of people are injured.

Injury Prevention from Furniture Accidents – Furniture tipping is a growing hazard to families with young children. Every year, hundreds of children are hospitalized due to a furniture tipping accident. What’s worse, 84% of furniture tipping injuries that result in death involve a child under the age of 9.

The Importance of Drug Testing to Keep a Workplace Safe –  Drug testing in the work place can prevent lawsuits and injuries while boosting overall productivity. Substance free workplaces have been shown have lower turnover, higher compensation and better benefits.

Are Charter Buses Safe? – Charter buses are an extremely safe way of traveling. From school trips to special events, group tours, sporting and corporate events, hiring a coach bus to transport your group is a great, safe way of getting from one place to the next. Via Trailways has been a trusted name in the motor coach industry since 1982.


When Should I Call an Attorney? – In all cases, if you want to protect your rights call an attorney. Flager & Associates, PC is an experienced personal injury law firm in Pennsylvania that can help.

Timothy O’Keefe Esq – Tim O’Keefe is an established Connecticut trial lawyer who is dedicated to representing automobile injury victims in claims for financial compensation for their harms and losses.

Timoney Knox – A full-service law firm based in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, successfully serving clients in the practice areas of wills and estate, business, and family law, as well as a litigation practice which features a team of highly experienced trial lawyers with a proven track record of success.

Norwood and Norwood – The lawyers in our firm include former deputy prosecutors, people who have worked on the other side, and understand the strategies and tactics the prosecutor will use to try and convict you. Even though you are only paying one legal fee if you hire our firm, you are receiving the benefit of having a team of lawyers with over 100 years of combined legal experience

Glen S Barry – The Law Offices of Glen S. Barry, P.C. represent personal injury victims.

Yost Legal Group – The Yost Legal Group consists of lawyers who have dedicated their careers to protecting the rights of innocent victims. Our attorneys have experience in representing thousands of persons who are either seriously injured or have lost loved ones to the wrongful acts of others. A large focus of The Yost Legal Group’s practice is dedicated to representing injured children. Our main office is located in Baltimore, Maryland; however, we represent people throughout the United States in product liability and catastrophic injury cases

Martin Attorneys – When facing difficult times, you should have lawyers you can rely on for experienced legal services at competitive rates. Martin Attorneys has over 100 years of combined legal experience you can trust to work for you solving your legal problem

Segal, Berk, Gaines, & Liss– Segal, Berk, Gaines and Liss is a full service firm representing clients in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. Our clients will have peace of mind knowing that each of the attorneys at Segal, Berk, Gaines and Liss has the ability to manage each case from inception to conclusion including trial and appellate process.

The Disability Attorneys of Michigan– Our firm features a team of highly skilled attorneys and case managers focused on one thing – helping disabled people in Michigan obtain the benefits they deserve. When an entire law firm dedicates itself to practicing one type of law they do it better. We know disability. We know the ins and outs of filing a claim, filing appeals, and appearing in court. We also know the devastation that can occur when benefits are wrongfully denied, and that makes us fight harder

Kelly, Parker and Cohen, LLC– With more than 100 years of combined litigation experience, Kelly Parker & Cohen possesses the experience, knowledge and focus to represent and protect clients in a wide spectrum of legal disputes ranging from the most complex to the relatively straightforward, but never forgetting that no legal dispute is unimportant to those involved. K, P & C emphasizes proactive legal representation custom-tailored to the client’s particular needs.

Kelly, Parker and Cohen Injury Attorneys – We focus on cases involving death, serious physical injuries, catastrophic disabilities, and extreme emotional and physical pain, caused by the mistake (or negligence) of another. Many of our clients often are unable to work due to their injuries, and we aggressively pursue all avenues of compensation.

Car Accident Attorney in CT – Established Connecticut trial lawyer who is dedicated to representing automobile injury victims in claims for financial compensation for their harms and losses. If you are interested in pursuing a potential claim, please contact us for a Free Consultation.

CT Crime Victim Attorney – Established Connecticut trial lawyer who is dedicated to representing crime victims in claims for financial compensation for their harms and losses.  If you are interested in pursuing a potential claim, please contact us for a Free Consultation.

Dog Bite Injury Lawyers in CT – Timothy L. O’Keefe, Esq., a Connecticut Dog Bite Attorney, a law firm with years of experience in representing victims of dog attacks, bringing cases to trial and negotiating many settlements.

Dagget Shuler Attorneys at Law– Daggett Shuler is dedicated to protecting the rights of victims injured in accidents, of workers hurt on the job, and of people who are in need of Social Security Disability benefits.

Gauthier Amedee APLC– At Gauthier Amedee, we understand that serious injury cases demand immediate action by a team of experienced legal professionals. It is important to act fast after an accident, and at Gauthier Amedee, our experienced Gonzales, Prairieville and Baton Rouge, Louisiana attorneys will get you the help you need right away. If you are injured in a car or truck accident, work injury, or any other type of accident that was not your fault, you can trust Gauthier Amedee to protect your rights to the fullest.

HensonFeurst– We know the first step in obtaining legal help is often the most stressful. Whether you’re worried about the cost of hiring a lawyer or how you’re going to get to our office, HensonFuerst is committed to serving clients however we can.

NC Land Law– Whether you’re a new homeowner or your family has owned the same land for generations, we understand how frustrating and costly it can be to lose control of your property. You need a law firm with the knowledge and resources to guide you through the eminent domain process.

HRMM&L– The lawyers and professional staff at Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin are all focused on the result you hope to achieve. Because of our single-mindedness, businesses, developers, local governments and individuals in Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, Chester, Lehigh and Berks Counties and other communities in eastern Pennsylvania turn to HRMM&L every day for help with their most important legal problems.

Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett & Bendesky– Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett & Bendesky, PC, is one of the nation’s leading personal injury law firms. Its attorneys have secured some of the largest verdicts and settlements in the history of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  It is widely regarded as the best law firm in the United States representing construction workers who have been injured or killed.

Freeburn Hamilton – At the law firm of Freeburn Hamilton, we focus on helping injured people get the financial compensation and medical treatment that they deserve. Our firm is capable of representing you in any type of personal injury, wrongful death, product liability and workers’ compensation claim.

HRMM&L Injury Attorneys– For nearly 50 years, Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin has been a formidable force fighting for the rights of individuals and families whose lives have been shattered by devastating accidents. We bring together superior courtroom experience, medical knowledge, compassion, and personal attention to people who are worried about how they will pay their bills, support their families, heal, and function properly in the future.

Philadelphia Workers Compensation Lawyers – Martin Law is one of the largest law firms in Pennsylvania in which all partners are certified in Workers’ Compensation Law, and our attorneys have co-authored multiple editions of Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Practice and Procedure, relied upon as the gold standard for those who practice in this area of the law.

Title IX Attorneys – Conrad O’Brien attorneys are actively engaged with Title IX issues beyond our client representations and work with other attorneys and legislators to affect change. We are often sought out by individuals, groups, and institutions for our opinion on how to work within the framework of the changing federal laws and guidance.

Moll Law Group – At Moll Law Group, our Chicago injury lawyers represent people who have been involved in devastating accidents and families who have lost a loved one to an untimely death. Many of these events result from defective products that should not have been released to the public, such as unsafe vehicles, dangerous prescription drugs, faulty child products, and defective medical devices.

Fellheimer & Eichen – We formed Fellheimer & Eichen with one goal in mind: to use the knowledge we gained from managing financial institutions to help our clients achieve their most important business goals. Whether the engagement involves raising money from investors, completing a complex transaction or resolving a multifaceted dispute, our clients can count on us to use our business experience to provide the practical advice and determined advocacy they need to fulfill their objectives.

Kessler Topaz Meltzer Check – At Kessler Topaz Meltzer Check, all of our work is driven by a common goal: to protect investors, consumers, employees and others from fraud, abuse, misconduct and negligence by businesses and fiduciaries. We represent investors and classes worldwide, and are particularly known for our work on behalf of institutional investors. At the end of the day, we have succeeded if the bad guys pay up, and if you recover your assets.

Cariati Law– When your life is disrupted by a serious accident resulting in the injury or wrongful death of a loved one, you need an Ontario, Canada personal injury and disability law firm with a reputation for honesty and a track record of success.

Caddell Reynolds Injury Law – Caddell Reynolds is a leading Arkansas personal injury, social security disability benefits and bankruptcy law firm. We have helped thousands of people through some of the most difficult times of their lives.

Carter Mario – At Carter Mario Injury Lawyers, you will find an experienced team of legal professionals committed to fighting on behalf of individuals who have been injured by no fault of their own. Day in and day out, our Connecticut personal injury attorneys believe in being a champion for others, so that we can help injured victims and their families recover the compensation they deserve after a serious injury.

KC Personal Injury Attorneys – At the Goss Law Firm, we understand how serious accidents can cause severe physical, emotional and financial strain. We are here to listen and provide caring advice and legal guidance to help you obtain the benefits you deserve, so you can move forward. We take pride in providing our clients with individualized attention, compassion, and respect. What sets our firm apart is that you are never “just a case”. 

Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Philadelphia – Brian P. Murphy is an experienced and well-regarded nursing home abuse attorney who has successfully represented many elderly residents subjected to nursing home abuse and neglect. In The states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, especially Philadelphia and Trenton, Mr. Murphy is heavily relied upon for nursing home abuse attorney services.

Sheehy, Ware & Pappas – Sheehy, Ware & Pappas, P.C., is a Texas-based law firm with a national reach. In many instances, the Firm acts as National Coordinating Counsel for litigation throughout the country.

Steve Harvey Law – Steve Harvey Law is a Law Firm that provides high quality legal services in Commercial Litigation, Employment Law, Complex Litigation, Intellectual Property, Restrictive Covenants and Fiduciary Litigation. We seek clients who value what we do and how well and cost effectively we do it.

Timothy Abeel – Timothy Abeel & Associates, P.C. is a Consumer Law Firm that handles Lemon Law and Fraud cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Bompadre Law – Attorney Bompadre is a Douglass, PA DUI Defense Attorney specialized training and experience in DUI cases. Trusting your driver’s license, your freedom, and your future to anyone other than an attorney who specializes in trying DUI cases could be a dangerous mistake.

Law Offices of Robert J. Fenstersheib & Associates, P.A. – Personal Injury Attorneys in Hallandale, FL   – Contact a Lyft accident lawyer in Hallandale Beach, FL  that is familiar with the process of dealing with rideshare providers and their insurance companies to help you get the maximum financial compensation you deserve.

Law & Schriener, LLC – Internet Crimes Attorney in Clayton, MO. If you have been arrested or are being investigated for a crime in which a computer was used, you need to contact the criminal defense attorneys at Law & Schriener to represent you in this matter.

Stephen Boutros, LTD. – Texas Personal Injury Attorney. The law firm of Stephen Boutros, LTD., in Houston, Texas, is passionately devoted to protecting accident victims harmed by the negligence or misconduct of others. The firm is a comprehensive personal injury law firm fighting to secure maximum compensation for the clients.

Law Office of William Kunofsky – Dallas Bankruptcy Lawyer with 30 years of experience fighting the IRS and other tax agencies for his clients.

Probate & Administration Lawyer – Baratta Russell and Baratta’s estate attorneys routinely guide executors, administrators and trustees through the process of probate and administration of estates and trusts.

Cohen Law Firm – Pennsylvania Family Lawyer Scott Cohen makes wealth management and the estate planning process easy. As a family lawyer, Scott Cohen helps you plan for the future.

Christensen Law Firm – Arizona construction law attorney – Serving the construction community throughout Arizona, The Christensen Law Firm represents businesses of all types in protecting their property and contract rights in construction matters.

Thomas Law Office, PLC – A Phoenix Arizona Bankruptcy and Family Law Firm, Thomas Law Office is prepared to serve people from all walks of life through their most difficult cases. Since 1996, we have represented clients with a wide variety of cases — simple and very complex, very large and small.

P. Mark Shayani Pacific Attorney Group, PLC – Mark Shayani and his team of devoted attorneys at Pacific Attorney Group maintain a outstanding level of consistent professionalism.

Edinburg Texas Criminal Defense Attorney – Ricardo Ramirez is a founding member of R. Ramirez Attorneys and Counselors. He is admitted to practice law in the state of Texas. Ramirez received his Doctor of Jurisprudence from St. Mary’s University in 2011. His practice is focused on non-immigrant and immigrant visa petitions, deportation defense, as well as immigration appeals and re-openings and reconsiderations.

Bankruptcy Attorney In Aurora, IL – Debating bankruptcy can be overwhelming and finding the right path to take can seem daunting. However, consulting the right bankruptcy attorney can significantly help with the financial obstacle of debt.

Los Gatos Personal Injury Attorneys – The lawyers at Abronson Law Offices have extensive experience representing individuals injured in industrial, premises or auto accidents, and regularly handle cases involving fraud, business disputes and legal malpractice.

Philadelphia Family Attorney – The Law Firm of Larry Lefkowitz has been providing high-quality family law legal services since opening in 1991.

San Francisco, CA Personal Injury Attorney – An unexpected injury can have a truly devastating effect on both you and your loved ones. The Law Office of John E. Cowan represents those who have been hurt by the negligence or intentional wrongdoing of individuals or businesses.

California Estate Planning Lawyer – A well-crafted estate plan should provide for your loved ones in an effective and efficient manner by avoiding guardianship during your lifetime, probate at death, estate taxes and unnecessary delays.

New Jersey Family Law Attorney – If you are experiencing the frustrations of divorce, you want a competent, assertive attorney by your side. Attorney Cassandra T. Savoy will zealously advocate for your rights and protect your family during all family law proceedings.

Real Estate Lawyer in New York –  Danziger Legal PLLC is experienced in purchases and sales of homes in the Greater New York City area and Westchester County. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the contract and closing issues that sometimes arise in a purchase and sale.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Orange, CA – Chris T. Nguyen has over 10 years of experience for in Bankruptcy Legal Services to address all your needs.

Entrepreneurs & Businesses Attorney Idaho – Generations Law Group’s aim is help small business owners who want to grow a prosperous business solve their legal problems.

Texas Family Law Attorney – The Law Office of Andy Nguyen, PLLC, provides friendly, competent assistance for people in Arlington, Texas, Dallas-Fort Worth and surrounding areas who have any one of a broad range of legal problems.

Kansas Bankruptcy Attorney – Mack & Associates is a bankruptcy law firm based out of Topeka, KS with an additional location in Kansas City, KS.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney – The Law Office of Lowell Steiger is a well-known law firm dedicated to personal injury cases, which includes auto, trucking, and pedestrian accident cases, slip and fall or trip and fall injury-related accidents, as well as dog bite/animal attack and other premises liability cases.

San Francisco DUI Attorney –  With over 27 years of experience, The Law Firm of Aaron Bortel is one of the only firms in the Bay Area that dedicates its criminal law practice exclusively to fighting for the rights of those accused of Driving Under the Influence.

Slip and Fall Attorney in Indiana – The attorneys at Shaw Law are known as Indiana’s top slip and fall attorneys for good reason, they’ve been handling them for over 30 years and have never lost a single case at trial.


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