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When children are charged with juvenile offenses, it is often the parents who need to look for help. The parents are distraught. Their children’s future is being threatened. They want to protect their children, but have a fear of the unknown. When your child has been charged with a crime, you need an attorney willing to aggressively fight and protect your child’s rights and interests.

With John (“Jay”) Tierney, our attorneys represent juveniles charged with criminal offenses throughout New Jersey. Prior to establishing his own law firm in 2002, Attorney Tierney was a prosecutor, serving as a liaison for serious juvenile matters handled in the Bronx, New York. He brings this unique perspective to defending juvenile crime cases.

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Former Prosecutor’s Perspective Turned to Your Advantage

He uses his prosecutor’s perspective to build a defense that fully protects the rights of your child, while seeking to ensure that your son or daughter’s legal matter is resolved in a way that is in his or her own best interest. This is the primary concern of the juvenile justice system, and John Tierney can make sure that this remains the focus in your child’s case.

The juvenile crime matters that we handle include:

We seek non-detention based solutions, including a deferred adjudication, probation, community service, alcohol or drug treatment, counseling or other non-detention solutions. Our attorneys get to know the child and the child’s family, so they can honestly and persuasively make the argument that with the active participation of the parents the child’s behavior will improve, without the need for punitive sanctions.

A Juvenile Offense Is Only a Snapshot of a Child’s Behavior

One offense does not make the child. There is a lot more to your son or daughter than this particular juvenile offense charge. This is what attorney John Tierney can help make clear to all of those involved. Attorney John Tierney speaks the language of the juvenile justice system. He worked in the Bronx handling juvenile offenses and can diligently present a broader picture of your child than just the snapshot of the juvenile charge.

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Learn how attorney John Tierney can help defend your child against any juvenile offense charges and get your questions answered. Arrange a free initial consultation with John Tierney by calling our Denville, New Jersey office, at: 973-588-3050 or e-mail our firm. We speak English and Spanish.