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Do not agree to pay a fine or plead guilty to a motor vehicle offense without confronting the state’s evidence against you. This would be a mistake because you could make yourself vulnerable to future legal problems, increased insurance premiums, harsher penalties if another violation occurs. You also face the risk of points added against your driving record and the potential for your license to be suspended.

Extensive Experience in Traffic Court and Criminal Defense

Since 2002, our New Jersey traffic violation attorneys have aggressively protected motorists’ rights. If you are accused of reckless driving, drunk driving or driving with a suspended license, the implications could be far-reaching. You could be convicted of a criminal offense and lose your driving privileges. The loss of your license could affect your ability to get to work. When the stakes are high, make sure you have an experienced lawyer in your corner.

The attorneys at our firm have extensive experience representing clients in criminal law and traffic court. We are fully prepared to protect your rights on both fronts.

Protecting Your Driving Privileges in Morris County New Jersey

Our attorneys are experienced in handling virtually all types of charges related to traffic violations, including:

Every traffic ticket and criminal charge can quickly add up with serious ramifications. We will help you understand the charges, your rights and the best direction for your defense. We will fight the charges in order to defeat them or minimize penalties resulting from a conviction. We may be able to defeat the charges completely but we will always provide you with our best defense possible.

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You may question the value of fighting a traffic violation. But, points are applied to every traffic ticket. As those points add up, your driving privileges could be threatened.

Contact our Morristown lawyers to learn how we can help you restore or maintain your driving privileges during a free initial consultation.